5 tips for better Brands Safety

Thanks to stringent control in Southeast Asia, advertisements appearing on pornographic and drug-related websites isn’t much of a headache. However, there are other factors about brand safety which require our collective attention…

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PMP, OMP and DMP: A Foolproof Guide to Programmatic Jargon

Today’s changing marketing landscape demands that professionals have more than a rudimentary knowledge of technical jargon. Novices may be intimidated by the rapid developments in programmatic advertising space, leaving them feeling disenfranchised. However, it doesn’t have to be that way..

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How to reach mobile gamers in Southeast Asia

When people talk about gaming in Southeast Asia (SEA), they’re bullish. They talk about ballooning mobile penetration that will result in millions of first-time internet users or revenue that will double by 2020. This is backed by the ever-increasing demand for eSports..

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