Gamma SSP

Connecting advertisers to a network of premium publishers in Southeast Asia

Publisher Solutions

Publishers using Gamma can earn premium prices for their ad spaces, as the platform offers highly targeted content analysis and user profiling.

Regional publishers are able to connect directly with a network of local, regional and international advertisers and manage their entire inventory efficiently in one UX-friendly platform.

Advertiser Solutions

Advertisers are able to programmatically target audiences across Gamma’s ecosystem of over 1,400 publishers in Southeast Asia, across desktop, mobile, video and applications.

We enable advertisers to create dynamic, cross-screen campaigns, reaching more than 200 million consumers, across the region.


Programmatic Guaranteed

Reach audiences at scale and improve efficiencies by automating your direct sales campaigns with programmatic technologies.


Private Marketplaces (PMP)

High-quality inventory through custom, invite-only deals and private auctions.

Open Marketplace (RTB)

Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) in an open marketplace enables you to monetise and maximise a vast pool of inventory.

About us – Gamma is a proprietary technology platform and the first supply side platform (SSP) focused purely on monetising Southeast Asian publishers.

Founded in 2014, Gamma is the offshoot of regional digital media player Ambient Digital and part of the Singapore based Q1 Group. Gamma also powers all of Ambient Digital’s programmatic offerings.

Using yield management, complete inventory management and transparent reporting, Gamma enables publishers to realise the full potential of their inventory sales. Gamma’s platform is also offered to strategic client partners, allowing them to build exclusive advertiser/publisher connections through private marketplaces (PMPs).

Our strength is reflected in the control publishers have over direct, ad networks and programmatic solutions. Individual private marketplaces (PMPs) and flexible setups enable exclusive inventory sales, connect selected demand partners, and monetise remnant inventory.

Our focus is on serving the needs of premium publishers in the region, connecting major demand partners to ensure publishers’ inventory is exposed to global, regional and local buyers.

Our mission is to build the best in class supply technology platform by constantly developing new and more advanced products and features to help publishers make the most of their inventory sales.




Demand Partners

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We are looking for innovative and passionate people who want to change the world of advertising forever. Join us on our mission to build the best-in-class supply-side technology platform.

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