Advertiser Solutions

From our end-to-end managed programmatic service to private marketplaces and open auctions, we have a variety of flexible buying options availabe that meet the needs for your campaigns and KPIs

Flexible Buying Options

Programmatically target audiences using our first party data across our ecosystem of over 1700 local publishers in Southeast Asia. We enable advertisers to create dynamic cross-screen campaigns, reaching more than 400+ million unique users across the region through our full managed programmatic services

Managed Service

End-to-end campaign management and optimsation with full commitment on your KPIs

Private Marketplace

High-quality and pre-targeted inventory through custom, invite- only deals and private auctions

Open Marketplace

Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) in an open marketplace enables you to access a vast pool of inventory

Managed Service

We provide end-to-end campaign management and optimisation with KPI commitment to meet your campaign goals


All our campaigns run 100% programmatic


Domain White- and Blacklisting and no hidden fees


Utilising on both our access to 1st and 3rd party data


We provide custom campaign analysis, reporting and insights

Private Marketplaces

Flexible deal set ups using your preferred buying platform (DSP). Access and build custom and KPI focused PMP deals to meet the goals of your campaigns

Audience & Data

Reach your target audience by utilising on our 1st party data and access pre- and custom build audience profiles


Reach the right audience for your campaigns

Access pre or custom build audience profiles



Example Target: Female, 25-35yo Shoppers, VN

We partner with leading and global DMPs


Brand Safety

We have zero tolerance to ad fraud and strict brand safety protection protocols, making 3rd party verification and measurement as a basic

We adhere to the highest measure of brand saftey across our campaings and inventory and leverage on market leading fraud prevention technology and partners.


  • Certified under the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Inventory Quality and Anti-Piracy Guidelines


  • Full-time brand saftey team manually validates domains to activley combat brand saftey risks


  • Pre-Impression filtering & always-on filtering for non-human and invalid traffic

Our Service

Cross-functional and dedicated local teams with years of digital media and technology experience


Industry experts that provide professional service and understand client needs. Years of experience of working in digital across top companies


Experts in optimizations across platforms and markets that qualify for all certifications on Google, Facebook etc.


Working across industries, know and understand brand story. Ideas based on insights not persons bias thinking


Ability to code in different languages, desktop to mobile. Development of latest digital trends and custom solutions that clients demand


Full front- and back-end tech support across buying cycle and trading platforms

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