Platform Solutions

Take full advantage of Gamma’s proprietary technology that offers absolute control and flexibility to support any business model in the programmatic marketplace

Programmatic Technology To Run Your Own Business

Our programmatic advertising platforms are flexible and customizable and include a wide range of tools and features that serves the needs of the end user. Create your own programmatic environment today

For Sellers

Our Supply-Side Platform is a fully tailored programmatic solution developed with publishers in mind to deliver powerful  technology that offers media inventory management and yield optimization

For Buyers

Buy premium inventory from local publishers, control your budget, target your audiences with relevant brand messages. Launch your advertising campaigns cross-channel on any device

Some Of The Powerful Features Of The Gamma Programmatic Technology Platform 

Single Intuitive Platform
Access To Global Demand
Big Data Analytics and Reporting
Efficient Campaign Management
Smart Optimisation Tools
Machine Learning Algorithms
Real-Time-Bidding (RTB)
Variety Of Advertising Formats
Advanced Targeting Options
Brand Safety & Inventory Quality

Brand Safety & Inventory Quality

Build-in brand safety and inventory quality tools and features across our technology to safe-guard your campaigns and inventory. We work with global and market leading fraud prevention technologies and partners

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