Publisher Solutions

Earn premium prices for your advertising space and connect directly with a network of local, regional and international advertisers

Improve Monetization

Manage all of your programmatic inventory sales efficiently in one UX-friendly platform and connect to global, regional and local demand to earn premium prices for your ad space

Header Bidding Solution

Drive incremental revenue and increase yield by implementing and leveraging on pre-bidding solutions 

Private Marketplaces (PMP)

Directly connect to advertisers and agencies through custom, invite-only deals and private auctions

Open Marketplace (RTB)

Real-Time-Bidding (RTB) in an open marketplace enables you to access a vast pool of global, regional and local advertisers

Header Bidding

Earn more from your advertising with header bidding by leveraging on Prebid.js, the leading and transparent open source solution that increase advertiser demand while maintaining fast and responsive user experience

Maximize Earnings

Bring additional advertiser demand into your ad server, ensuring you get the best possible price for your inventory

Use it Everywhere

Apply header bidding to the most popular platforms and formats, including desktop, mobile web, mobile app and video


Get Started Quickly

Follow simple step-by-step instructions to download, integrate, and configure header bidding using Prebid.js

Private Marketplaces

Build direct relationships and connections with advertisers and agencies through custom, invite only deals and private auctions

Open Marketplace

Make your inventory available in an open marketplace environment and offer your ad inventory for sale to buyers through real-time auctions

Inventory Quality

We have zero tolerance to ad fraud and strict brand safety protection protocols, making 3rd party verification and measurement as a basic

We adhere to the highest measure of brand saftey across our campaings and inventory and leverage on market leading fraud prevention technology and partners.


  • Certified under the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s (TAG) Inventory Quality and Anti-Piracy Guidelines


  • Full-time brand saftey team manually validates domains to activley combat brand saftey risks


  • Pre-Impression filtering & always-on filtering for non-human and invalid traffic

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