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How to guarantee more bang for your premium buck

The industry is touting ‘programmatic guaranteed’, but not everyone is ready to embrace it. The goal of advertising has always been same: to reach the right person, at the right moment and in the right context. In the digital advertising world, achieving this has been...

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Ad Blockers: Take a Page from Video Game Advertisers

By Dirk Jacobs, Managing Director, Gamma SSP The digital ad industry went into a collective meltdown over news that Safari, Apple, and Chrome were making moves to integrate ad-blocking technology. Indeed, ad blocking is already impacting companies throughout the...

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Programmatic glossary: Do you know your PMPs from your OMPs?

By Dirk Jacobs, Managing Director, Gamma We recently worked with a major publisher in the Philippines on a private marketplace (PMP) deal, which they wrongly assumed was a programmatic guaranteed deal simply because these terms are thrown about interchangeably all the...

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